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Assign times to the items on your task lists so you can stay on track and motivated.

7 Minute Workout

Complete these 7-minute, 12-exercise workout plans for a quick fitness boost.


Read faster and retain more by practicing timed exercises and eye-movement drills. Practice skills with your own materials.


Build your vocabulary in European languages with pictures, sound, matching, and spelling exercises.

Break Free

Monitor device usage and prevent dependence on your cell phone.


Keep up-to-date with what’s happening on campus with this student-friendly app.


Access more than two million definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. No need to be online!


Manage and share files in the cloud.


Try this free, interactive app for learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and Swedish.

Easy Voice Recorder (Android)

Record memos and notes for as long as you need – no time limits!


Play brain training games designed to help you improve your desired skills.

English Grammar Ultimate

View detailed lessons on English grammar rules to improve your understanding.


Take notes, record audio, take photos, save websites, and sync to all your devices.


Input health goals and track progress using a barcode scanner for food.

Freaky Alarm

Solve games and puzzles to turn off your alarm. Wake your brain up before your feet even hit the floor!

Google Drive

Store and share all your content, including documents, photos, and voice recordings.

Google Keep (Android)

Save, share, and organize reminders and thoughts quickly and efficiently.


Manage all of your social media sites and accounts from a single dashboard.


Use this virtual planner to keep track of notes and receive reminders about assignments.


Arrange notes and diagrams in ways that suit you best using interactive tools.

iStudiez Pro

Track grades on completed assignments and manage upcoming schoolwork.

Khan Academy

View high-quality video lectures and complete exercises on a variety of topics, with a particular focus on science and math.


Study and test yourself on the Academic Word List with exposure, recognition, and production exercises.


Create, edit and share mind-maps. Also, sync them with your other devices.


Create and view rotating (or still) images of different molecules, with the atoms identified by different colors.

My Script Memo

Convert handwritten notes to typed notes that can be saved, emailed, texted, and stored in Dropbox or Evernote.


Make goals and track intake and outtake with this fitness diary.


Keep track of classes and assignments, manage your schedule, and set reminders.


Get your work done with just the right amount of background noise.


Take digital notes by hand or keyboard, record audio, and import and annotate PDFs.

Notepad Upword

Prioritize and organize your to-do list.

Paper Port Notes

Take digital notes by hand or keyboard, record audio, and import and annotate PDFs. Use built-in speech-to-text technology.

PDF Reader

Annotate and highlight PDFs (either handwritten or typed). Scan documents and save them electronically.


Identify your cognitive goals and play games to help you reach them.


Write notes by hand and store them in your Evernote notebooks.


Stash all those images, videos, and articles you want to look at later in one convenient location.

Practice English Grammar

Answer questions to improve your English Grammar skills.


Prioritize assignments and keep them organized in one simple location


Create and study flashcards; you can also access millions of card sets other users have created.

Rosetta Stone

Practice all language skills interactively and access your account across devices.

Runmeter GPS Pedometer

Track and graph your steps with this pedometer.


Scan documents and images using your mobile device and upload them quickly.

Schedule Planner

Plan, categorize, track, and review tasks.

Sleep Meister

Analyze your sleep! Track sleep cycles and let the alarm wake you when it senses that you are in a light sleep.


Learn greetings and basic travel phrases in French, Spanish, and German using translation, flashcard, and pronunciation features.

Spin Me

Spin around in circles to turn off your alarm – a surefire way to get you up and moving!

Star Walk HD

Hold your iPad up to the sky and see what celestial objects are there in front of you; view astronomical images and useful data.


Store and arrange your thoughts and photos in one convenient location.


Highlight, take notes, and make flashcards from PDF documents.


Determine what’s holding you back in areas where you feel stuck, then use tips and tools to make an action plan.

Way of Life

Build positive habits by monitoring trends in your lifestyle and receiving regular reminders.

White Noise Pro

Choose from 40+ white noise sounds to help you sleep or drown out distractions while studying.


Organize your brain with this list-based task management system.


Manage your tasks and projects from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Zombies, Run!

Make running fun by becoming part of a zombie survival game as you go.