KNOWJI: How To Build Academic Vocabulary

Our blog posts share what our students and staff have to say about selected apps. This blog post explains how to build academic vocabulary with Knowji, a vocabulary app.

KNOWJI: How To Build Academic Vocabulary

Knowji’s Academic Word List app helps you learn 620 words frequently used in academic texts. It’s a great tool for ESL students and for students new to academia. Words appear with definitions, synonyms, collocations, pronunciations, sentence examples, and images to facilitate remembering. The app uses “spaced repetition” to enhance learning, provides quizzes, and allows you to customize your vocabulary learning list.

1. Choose a sublist: The AWL has ten sublists. Each sublist contains about 65 words, which have been grouped by how frequently they occur in academic publications. 0
2. Identify the word: Read the definition and synonyms, then select the correct word from the list at the top. 1
3. Choose the right definition: Test your recognition of the definition. If you choose the wrong definition, you’ll be taken back to that word’s learning page so that you can refresh your memory. 2
4. Enter the correct word: Test your recall as you move the new word from passive to active vocabulary. 3
5. Recall the definition: If you don’t remember or remember incorrectly, you’ll be taken back to the definition page. 4
6. Quiz yourself: Choose which words to test, what kind of test, and how much time you have to answer. 5
7. Set learning goals: Set targets for number of words and “learn by” dates. Knowji will alert you when it’s time to review words based on the learning concept of “spaced repetition.” When you’ve learned a word well enough, move it to the “Not Learning” list to skip further reviews. 6
8. Record your pronunciation: Listen to Knowji pronounce the word, then record your own voice to compare pronunciations. Success comes with practice! 7

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