CarolinaGO Review: Navigating UNC

Our blog posts share what our students and staff have to say about selected apps. In this blog post, Josh reviews CarolinaGO, UNC’s campus information app.

CarolinaGO Review: Navigating UNC

CarolinaGO 1

It is a truth universally acknowledged that even seasoned students can get lost on a university’s sprawling campus. And that goes double for Carolina’s 729 acres. Thanks to CarolinaGO, UNC’s new (and free) mobile app, the days of anxiously passers-by for directions are over.

CarolinaGO 2

Among the app’s many helpful features, including a directory, dining hours, and emergency information, the map stands out. In the screenshot posted above, you can see that the app helps Google Maps understand what SASB means; Google Maps alone has trouble with the term. “I didn’t know where the building was” is no longer a good excuse for being late to class.

CarolinaGO 3The app has plenty of other useful functions. The transit function, which draws its information from NextBus, is especially useful—and given that the NextBus app itself costs $1.99, CarolinaGO (which is free) is a great choice for bargain hunters.

At bottom, there’s no reason not to download CarolinaGO, available on both iOS and Android platforms. It has a tiny memory footprint, it collects many functions under one umbrella, and, most importantly, it lets you know when Alpine is open.

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