Unstuck: Pros & Cons

Our blog posts share what our students and staff have to say about selected apps. This blog post explores the pros and cons of Unstuck, an app/website that coaches you out of “stuck” situations.

Unstuck: Pros & Cons


Unstuck is a stylish web app that walks you through a “stuck” moment—whether that moment is personal or professional—and helps you move forward. After asking you a series of questions about your moment, it generates a plan tailored to your situation. Unstuck 1
As part of your plan, Unstuck provides a thoughtful profile of the sort of “stuck” moment you’re having. The profile can help you reframe how you see your moment by providing examples of famous people who have experienced similar moments—I got culinary titans Julia Child and Colonel Sanders! Unstuck 2
Unstuck provides tips and goals to help you get—you guessed it—unstuck. The tips include some insightful questions that can move you forward. Unstuck 3


Unstuck is in beta as of late 2014, so it is not yet at full functionality. Also, like most other free web services, Unstuck gathers personal information about you (“including, without limitation, age, birthdate, address, email address, zip code, phone number, Facebook account information, and geographic location,” says its privacy policy) for targeted advertising, so privacy-minded folks may wish to look elsewhere.


Though Unstuck is still in its infancy, it has the potential to become an impressively full-featured app. At the moment, only iPad users have access to it as a stand-alone app—everyone else will need to use the web-based version at unstuck.com. If you’re feeling stuck, Unstuck could very well help you find ways to find your footing. It’s free, and it only takes roughly ten minutes to go through its process, so it’s certainly worth a try.

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