Fooducate Highlight: Pros & Cons

Our blog posts share what our students and staff have to say about selected apps. This blog post explores the pros and cons of Fooducate, an app for finding nutritional information.

Fooducate Highlight: Pros & Cons


PRO: Fooducate’s ability to scan UPC codes for dietary info and search food by groups in the Fooducate database makes it easy to keep track of your intake—you can even use it in Ram’s Head! Fooducate lets you input and track daily nutritional goals. Also, you can check daily tips if you’re just interested in food news. food1
PRO: See how a food is rated based on its nutrition facts and ingredients, and decide how it fits with your own dietary goals. You can also view similar food products if you need healthier alternatives. food2
PRO: View your daily intake, input exercise, calculate your net calories, and monitor your progress over set periods of time. Fooducate keeps track of all the food you’ve entered for meals and does the calculations for you. food3
CON: Adding extra nutrient (fats, carbs, proteins, etc.) and health (cholesterol, blood pressure) tracking features requires either a monthly or lifetime premium subscription. A customizable gluten and allergen upgrade can also be purchased. food4


While Fooducate isn’t all encompassing from the get-go, it helps you think like a health-conscious person. The time you take in the beginning to input body stats and goals primes you to think about the direction you’d like to take, and the tracking features build some motivation for working towards those goals. Its biggest strength is in increasing health awareness, and its built-in functionality of scanning and calculating is an excellent feature that can be upgraded for a cost.

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