Workflowy Review: Controlling Chaos with Lists

Our blog posts share what our students and staff have to say about selected apps. In this blog post, Vicki reviews Workflowy, a list-making app.

Workflowy Review: Controlling Chaos with Lists   wf1

Have you ever found yourself searching through stacks of Post-it notes, old envelopes, and scribble-filled legal pads? Do you have five to do lists, or maybe six, or…well, you don’t really know how many? Are you plagued by a sense of dread that you’re forgetting something?
If you’re thinking, “Uh, not so much,” great! Get back to Instagram’s #CutestPuppies. But if you can relate, read on.

My lack of organization inspired me to search for a simple electronic task list. I mostly found calendar-based systems laden with bells and whistles. What color did I want to make my task? What due date did I want to assign? Did I want to set a reminder? So annoying.

But eventually I hit on Workflowy. It’s a clean, intuitive app, available for free on the web and for iPhone/iPad, that lets me keep all my crazy lists in one place. Although the mobile interface feels a little clunky, integration is seamless.

My desk before and after transferring notes to Workflowy

(note how it removes excess mugs, books, and water bottles)

wf2 wf3

One big list (which looks a lot like a bulleted list in Word) can have as many sub-levels as I want. Items are searchable and tag-able—no more digging through the Post-it pile! Depending on how sad I want to get about the mountain of tasks confronting me at work, I can easily show or hide sections. And I can include long notes without littering the page.

Workflowy is not just for scheduling tasks. I’ve listed to-dos, of course, but also hikes I want to try, outfits to pack, movies friends have recommended, notes about exciting household events (“I last changed the air filter on 10/23/14”), and possible answers to my mother-in-law’s eternal question, “What do you want for Christmas?”

While my desk (and my brain) can still be messy, Workflowy keeps information right where I need it—no calendar crud required.

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