About Us

Welcome to UNC’s app compendium, a new Writing Center, Learning Center, and student collaboration! We’ve searched the app universe for tools we think may serve you well during your academic career at Carolina. Here you’ll find a collection of these apps, with quick commentary about how they may be useful. You’ll also find a blog where our academic coaches share their thoughts about particular apps.

You’ll see that the apps featured cover a range of topics—everything from flash cards to alarm clocks, note-taking to problem-solving, and lots in between. We hope you’ll find something that lets you see your phone, tablet, or laptop you already have in a new way as a potential resource for academic success.

We know that your tech doesn’t always work for you. Getting lost on social media or spending too much time on games or Netflix may be interfering with your academic goals. As you explore the apps and learn to make your devices work for you, rather than against you, consider these tech management tips. We hope we can help you become strategic users of the range of tools available in your learning landscape.

Have an app you love? Something you’d like us to research? A comment to share?

We’d love to hear from you. Contribute here and check back often for new updates. We’ll be adding new stuff all the time.


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